Growth Equity

In addition to its control investments in middle-market companies, Capricorn Holdings also has taken investment positions in early-stage growth companies with significant potential to expand, either through use of new technology or growth in new markets.

CDG Environmental

CDG Environmental (“CDG”) produces and sells proprietary, highly-engineered chlorine dioxide chemistries used for the water treatment and certain other applications. The chlorine dioxide molecule is well known for its outstanding properties as a powerful, selective, environmentally-friendly biocide; however, prior to the CDG innovations it has been difficult to produce and handle, making it too expensive, or operationally complex for many applications.

Constellis Group

Constellis is a leading provider of operational support and risk management services to government and commercial clients worldwide. From logistics, life support and security to training, technology and advisory services, they offer a full range of program and risk management solutions to help organizations conduct business safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the world. Constellis combines the legacy capabilities and experience of ACADEMI, Edinburgh International, Olive Group, Strategic Social and Triple Canopy and all of their affiliates. Constellis was sold to Apollo Group in 2016.

Cimarron Energy

Cimarron Energy works across the complete oil and gas supply chain to provide comprehensive solutions for gas and vapor handling, combustion and recovery that allow its customers to meet stringent air quality and safety regulations. They specialize in innovative, high quality and cost-effective custom engineered or standard options for flares, high-efficiency combustors, thermal oxidizers, and vapor recovery units, offering customers both new equipment and service. They service over 45 countries around the world.

Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare & Co., the iconic Manhattan bookstore, is expanding to Philadelphia and two other Manhattan locations on the way to its goal of becoming “the biggest little bookshop in the world.” The company also owns On Demand Books, LLC (“ODB”), the developer of the Espresso Book Machine which prints any book ever published, in any language, anywhere on earth, on demand at the point of sale. ODB’s goal is to provide readers in a worldwide marketplace with access to the expanded multilingual backlists of the world’s publishers, and to do so easily, almost instantaneously, and inexpensively. The machines will be available at Shakespeare & Co. locations.


8VC, a successor to Formation 8 and founded by Joe Lonsdale, is made up of a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers, and philosophers who have in many cases worked together for years. The fund values operating experience and action as well as new ideas and creative theories. Their unique blend of strengths and worldviews enables them to model investment opportunities using multiple frameworks and help companies succeed in unparalleled ways. The fund’s first transaction was the sale of Oculus to Facebook.


johnnie-O, is an emerging apparel and lifestyle brand that merges the casual West Coast style with the refined East Coast feel. The clothing line includes men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Eloquii Design, Inc.

Eloquii is an online retailer that launched in response to consumer demand for stylish clothing choices for plus-size women and was originally part of The Limited, which started the line in 2011. Under The Limited ownership, Eloquii items were available through a few retail stores. Sun Capital Partners, the owners of The Limited, decided to focus on “core brands” and closed Eloquii in the summer of 2013, one year and a half after starting it. The brand was revived in February 2014 by former Eloquii employees along with investor John Auerbach and was sold to Walmart in 2018.


College students in this country are in crisis. 85% receive financial aid. 82% graduate underemployed. Given the demands of students’ academic and extracurricular schedules, committing to an ongoing, 20 hours per week part-time job is not always realistic. Students need money, experience, and flexible jobs. Households and local businesses around campuses need help in an abundance of ways a babysitting, staffing a retail counter, tutoring, designing a company logo. These needs never have been connected in a streamlined way. Enter QuadJobs. QuadJobs is a female-led tech startup that provides a marketplace to connect college students instantly with local and flexible jobs, and with employer ratings, provides the students with resumes they can use after graduation.

Virtual Health

Virtual Health is a secure, cloud-based platform for real-time population health management and care coordination, transformationally comprehensive and interoperable. Virtual Health replaces ineffective legacy systems and information silos with a single ecosystem to proactively manage complex populations in a value-based environment.

Clear Scientific

To better serve the armed forces, we pursue rapid reduction to practice by advancing and deploying ground-breaking innovations for defense applications and commercial markets. This is enabled by our partnerships with industry, academia and government organizations. We work on new technologies with broad impact across chemical and biological defense markets, including decontamination, medical countermeasures, detection, and testing & evaluation. Our expertise lies in chemistry, material science, sensors, biology, and informatics.

Castle Island Ventures

A venture capital firm focused exclusively on public blockchains, Capital Island Ventures invests in infrastructure and application companies that will enable these transformative protocols to power services for the next billion users. Castle Island believes that permissionless blockchains represent a new form of politico-economic institution that will fundamentally alter market structures and spawn entirely new industries. They are focused on supporting entrepreneurs that are on a mission to build the infrastructure services to push these networks to their potential.


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